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Belloch, a knowledge park

Our central offices are located in Parc de Belloch, an extensive estate spanning more than 140 hectares about 20 miles north of Barcelona on the way to France. Records of Belloch (bello loco, beautiful place) date back to 972 and it has a powerful story to tell.

The school building, an example of Catalan rationalism from the sixties, operated as an educational residence for almost 30 years until the classrooms closed their doors with lessons still depicted on the blackboards.

belloch-historia-santacole-nosotros-0000-colegio-belloch-1.jpg belloch-historia-santacole-nosotros-0000-colegio-belloch-14.jpg belloch-historia-santacole-nosotros-0001-interior-construccion.jpg belloch-historia-santacole-nosotros-0002-foto11.jpg

Since 2003, Belloch has sustained us and provided us with impetus. In keeping with this educational calling, we are creating a knowledge park focussing on communication and design, far from the bustle of the city, attuned to nature. Surrounded by trees and with its own nursery – Belloch Forestal – we strive to sow our own seed for the future. The individual, the city, the planet. We seek to form the crossroads between design, management and ecology. Three areas of wisdom absorbed by the elegant simplicity of treasuring what lies before us.

02-SantaCole-Headquarters-Belloch-Salva-Lopez-photographer.jpg 03-SantaCole-Headquarters-Belloch-Salva-Lopez-photographer.jpg salva-lopez-belloch-monocle-DSC5442.JPG 026-SantaCole-Headquarters-Belloch-Salva-Lopez-photographer.jpg salva-lopez-belloch-monocle-DSC4703.JPG

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