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Contemporary Neoseries

An exact, authorised reproduction, faithful to the original in size, colour and texture. Produced in the laboratory using a cutting-edge method, Neoseries provides the same experience as the original work.
Neoseries are unlimited, numbered, authorized, and certified by the artist, whom will receive royalties.

Bea Aiguabella

Through her practice, Bea Aiguabella explores the dichotomy between individuality and collectiveness. Taking elements of nature as a point of departure, Aiguabella investigates this disjunction through an extensive process of repetition.

Federico Correa

Both born in 1924, Federico Correa and Alfonso Milá were schoolmates and went on to attend the same university. They both received their doctorates in architecture from the University of Barcelona and they established their architectural studio in 1953, interweaving their friendship with a professional partnership.

His closeness to nature while growing up in Sweden is clearly represented in his work, which constantly depicts plants and animals as ordinary "objects". Another recurring subject are everyday objects and garments, which he approaches with a fresh and dynamic organicism, much more characteristic of nature.

Carmen Galofré

Carmen Galofré graduated in Fine Arts at Barcelona's Sant Jordi Faculty, where she learned her profession and where she has contributed to several exhibitions throughout her career. Galofré's work plays with perception, cleverly using strokes to distinguish porcelain from glass, leather from cardboard. She has exhibited worldwide, from London to Geneva.

Montse Campins

Montse Campins's work is characterised by her free, unfettered vision that includes an extensive aesthetic concept, not so much as a stylistic resource but as a harmony heralding simplicity. Always immersed in research and experimentation, Montse is interested in ancient techniques and in combining them with digital photography, video and storytelling.

Marcos Isamat

Marcos Isamat draws with pencils ranging from 6B to 4H. The result of each type of pencil depends on the porosity and grain of the paper, which modulates the graphite. He uses conservation or handmade paper with hard-on-soft pencils to force the graphite into the cellulose and create a varnish effect. Light reflections are sharpened by erasing, revealing only the memory of the graphite.

Sílvia Martínez Palou

Sílvia Martínez Palou combines her work as a restorer of historic buildings with her artistic work. Palou mainly implements the traditional technique of monotype printing, which allows her to work on the originals using various experimental and plastic processes to achieve rich colours and textures.

Míriam Dema

Miriam Dema graduated in Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona in 2017, where she explored several disciplines before focusing on painting. From an early age she spent much of her time painting and drawing, although she did not harbour any professional ambitions until sometime after finishing her degree.

Influenced by 20th-century American realism, Bea Sarrias is a daughter of Barcelona, a city in which she has found the themes and places that govern the prevailing threads of her artistic work: architecture and light. Sarrias does not paint buildings; rather she depicts spaces.

Naoki Kawano

Naoki Kawano is captivated by delicate and sensitive materials and uses them to elicit a strong emotional response, harnessing their various textures to change the perception of viewers. He finds ways to use new materials to create a unique language of textures.

Carla Cascales

Carla Cascales is a contemporary artist born in 1989 in Barcelona, where she currently lives and works. She began work in the world of design, and this knowledge and way of working is reflected in her pieces, whether they are paintings, drawings or sculptures. Carla Cascales is a very versatile artist; she seeks a balance of organic materials and even makes her own.

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