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Antoni de Moragas

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Santiago Roqueta

With a doctorate in architecture and as a drawing professor and director of the ETSAB (Barcelona School of Architecture), industrial designer, interior designer and artist, Roqueta was a prominent figure in pioneering the concept of good design in Barcelona. He founded Snarck Design, a furniture editing company that would be integrated by Santa & Cole in the late ’80s. During the democratic transition, he began to design unique venues with a desire to revisit the Barcelona of an earlier time, leaving behind decades of sadness. Roqueta was the instigator of the co-editing project between Santa & Cole and ETSAB, to publish the work of the pioneering masters of Spanish design.

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| 1991
Design Biographies

From the design perspective, this monographic study seeks to evoke and defend the enormous contribution made by Antoni de Moragas (1913-1985) to the modernisation of Catalonia from the years following the Spanish Civil War to the explosive 1980s. His position as a founding member of Grupo R, creator of the ADIFAD (Industrial Designers Association), President of the FAD (Promotion of Decorative Arts) and vice-secretary of the Architects’ Association of Catalonia (COAC) all go to show the undeniable importance of Moragas in the development of Catalan architecture, urban planning and design.
In the early years of his career, Antoni de Moragas felt that everything was yet to be invented. True to his militant pragmatism and a believer in a type ofself-sufficient design, he created the most common elements, starting with those which he needed for his own home. Despite their rationalistic appearance, the objects created by Moragas reach beyond the strictly functional towards an intentional ethical or aesthetic surprise.


ISBN: 84-7368-119-3
santiago-roqueta – 1991
Spanish / English
Hardcover, 28.6 x 24 cm / 11.154″ x 9.36″
160 pp


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