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Hay un volcán encima de casa

Alba Galocha, Pablo Curto

Hay un volcán encima de casa

Alba Galocha,


Alba Galocha

Alba Galocha is a model and multidiciplinary artist. She has taken part in multiple group shows and two individual exhibitions: “Moito miras ti” at We Collect and “Prohibido mariscar de todo” at La Fábrica bookshop, both in Madrid.

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Pablo Curto


Pablo Curto

Pablo Curto is a photographer and director. He has screened his work at MAXXI museum in Rome and multiple festivals like Interfilm in Berlin, PÖFF Shorts in Tallín or New York and Milano’s Fashion Film Festivals.

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| 2022

Hay un volcán encima de casa shelters a very personal collaboration between photographer Pablo Curto and multi-disciplinary artist Alba Galocha, with which for over two years they shared emotional concerns and creative outputs. In a game of mirrors, the book can be read both ways, having two covers and double spreads with facing pages turned 180º. On one side, a series of photographs document thoroughly the clash between ceramic pieces made by Alba and the persistent erosion of the sea waves on a Fuerteventura beach, until the pieces loose their shapes and all that is left is a rounded memory of its original form. On the opposite pages, we find a transcript of private conversations held by the two artists over the course of many months, marked by Pablo’s grief over the loss of a loved one and Alba’s fears and concerns about life. 
Hay un volcán encima de casa is a simple book, but nevertheless overwhelmingly poetic and honest, with both authors opening their souls and hearts for everyone to see.
The book includes a separate folded sheet insert with English translations.


alba-galocha, pablo-curto – 2022
Spanish / English
Japanese, 24 x 20 cm / 9.36″ x 7.8″
108 pp

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