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Miguel Milá: Emocionar con lo simple

Anna Calvera

Miguel Milá: Emocionar con lo simple

Anna Calvera


Anna Calvera


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| 2024

Miguel Milá (Barcelona, 1931) is often described as a pioneer of design, and rightly so. Renowned in his profession, Milá is the creator of some of the most acclaimed pieces in Barcelona design and everyday icons for many Spaniards. They brilliantly illustrate the imagery of good design, whether here or elsewhere.
This book intends to reveal the magnitude of his life’s work through the publication of three texts, which together offer three different and intriguing ways of exploring the designer and his work. Each one, in its way, reveals what there is in common between Milá, his approach to design and its creation and the objects that bear his signature. And, finally, it offers a selection of forty-two iconic designs ordered chronologically.
Being a classic means surviving the past into the present, but it is also the result of a present that looks towards the future.


ISBN 978-84-127752-2-8
anna-calvera – 2024
Spanish / English
Otabind, 19 x 13 cm / 7.41″ x 5.07″
144 pp

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