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Eduard Bonet

Retórica y gestión

Eduard Bonet


Eduard Bonet

Eduard Bonet (Girona, 1936) has devoted his life to mathematics and humanities. With a PhD in Mathematics from the University of Barcelona and a lifelong friend of the poet Gabriel Ferrater, he joined ESADE in 1962 as Professor of Statistics and since then has held a number of academic posts. He served as Director of the Institut d'Estadistica de Catalunya in the government of President Tarradellas.

Since 1980, when he took up his professorship at Universitat Ramon Llull (URL), he conceived and directed ESADE's PhD Programme in Management Sciences. Today, he is Professor Emeritus at URL and teaches seminars on methodology and on rhetoric and management. He is also an emeritus member of the Institut d'Estudis Catalans.

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| 2022

Professor emeritus of mathematics and devoted for the humanities, this book by Eduard Bonet is written at his sweetest and most accurate moment of wisdom. The relationship between the two poles he associates, rhetoric and management, is surprisingly new and necessary, and its pedagogical impact on our business schools may prove to be of historical significance, as indicated in the excellent foreword by Professor Alfons Sauquet. As rhetoric was redefined by Aristotle as the art of persuasion with words and without violence, it is clearly worthwhile for anyone with management responsibilities, both inside and outside the company.
The book traces the history of rhetoric, the central corridor from which many other speeches start, and it forms a complete geography. It also presents an excellent selection of texts that are studied for their exemplary nature. And it reinforces the irreplaceable place of rhetoric in making our managers not only technically competent but also socially responsible, and happier individuals.


ISBN 978-84-941113-4-1
eduard-bonet – 2022
Paperback, 23.5 x 16 cm / 9.165″ x 6.24″
272 pp

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