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Carmen Galofré

Sublimar la emoción

Carmen Galofré


Carmen Galofré

Carmen Galofré graduated in Fine Arts at Barcelona s Sant Jordi Faculty, where she learned her profession and where she has contributed to several exhibitions throughout her career. Galofré s work plays with perception, cleverly using strokes to distinguish porcelain from glass, leather from cardboard. She has exhibited worldwide, from London to Geneva.

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| 2017

Adroitly connecting her experiences and her inner reality, Carmen Galofré represents moments and scenarios of her daily life, people around her or whom she spontaneously meets on her travels, landscapes that move her and reflections on her own intimacy. Her interiors tell us about the artists own inner world and her personal and psychological evolution. The inhospitable spaces of yesterday become tables with half-full glasses, desks with open books, side tables with vases of flowers, found objects…in short, vestiges of a full and intense life devoted to art with honesty and distinction. Her recurring areas of interest are compositions, nudes, spheres and planets, India and its landscapes, literature and marine. This book compiles images of the artist’s paintings and combines them with reflections and texts by various authors that allow us to enjoy the artist from the closeness of her being.


ISBN: 978-84-697-7998-9
carmen-galofre – 2017
Spanish / English
Hardcover, 2.45 x 30.5 cm / 0.9555″ x 11.895″
261 pp

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