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André Ricard, El diseño invisible

This documentary, directed by Poldo Pomés and written by Xavier Más de Xaxàs, focuses on his career as a designer and his life dedicated to finding beauty in what is functional.

Designer of everyday objects

André Ricard designs by analysing the function of the object, asking himself about its usefulness and always thinking about the user.

Documental André Ricard
Documental André Ricard

Agua Brava bottle, 1963.
The bottle contains natural details that reminds to its Mediterranean origin.

Documental André Ricard

Copenhagen ashtray, 1965.

Unlike conventional ashtrays, the depth of this one avoids ash dispersion.

Documental André Ricard

Electric juicer, 1986.

This design was innovative because it gave transparency to the container and hided the cable inside the object.

Documental André Ricard

Tong, 1964.

They allow to grip the ice in an ingenious way thanks to the plastic’s flexibility.

It is necessary to be more humble when designing. It is not about making the revolution but the evolution. It is through small evolutions that great results are achieved.

André Ricard

Documental André Ricard

Tatu, 1972.
A lamp inspired by the light of airplanes. A light that allows to illuminate with precision a specific point.

Documental André Ricard

Anit-moth clamp, 1972.
Innovative for its practical and easy grip system.

Documental André Ricard

Pencil sharpener, 1970.

Documental André Ricard

Ibiza switches, 1974.
The rounded corners are designed to be more pleasant to the touch for the user.

Throughout his career, André Ricard has developed a point of view on the object that is reflected in his book Key designs. A compilation of 100 designs that under his criteria have made history.

Documental André Ricard
Documental André Ricard
Documental André Ricard

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