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Brossa, editor of the everyday

February 6, 2024 April 30, 2024

Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona


The exhibition “Brossa, editor of the everyday”, designed and curated by Antoni Arola, displays Joan Brossa‘s serialised works in a poetic dialogue with light.

Running from 6 February to 30 April 2024, the exhibition includes 18 editioned works on paper and 30 serialised objects, all of which are original and available from 900€.

Joan Brossa (Barcelona, 1919-1998) was a cultural libertarian who pushed the boundaries of his ambition to involve a much wider audience in culture through the simplicity of language. With a free and uncomplicated gaze, he managed to approach poetry, traditionally anchored in the literary world, from a visual point of view.

Hence, as a sort of editor of the everyday, Brossa presents a possible itinerary through the world around us based on a selection of objects and words, challenging our way of seeing. Brossa teaches us to observe the ordinary from new and changeable perspectives, brilliantly using decontextualisation or humour.

The artist’s body of work largely consists of visual and object poems that were often editioned, reflecting his commitment to culture dissemination: a social responsibility to create an accessible edition he regretted not having been able to achieve earlier. That is why Santa & Cole, driven by its editorial vocation, presents this selection of Brossa’s editioned works with the intention of giving continuity to the poet’s desire to make himself accessible to everyone. The exhibition includes 18 editioned works on paper and 30 serialised objects, all original and available from 900€.

The exhibition has been curated and designed by Antoni Arola (Tarragona, 1960), interior designer, industrial designer, and master of light, who offers a new perspective on Brossa’s work by adding an additional layer of poetry. With his unique ability to create magic with light, Arola plays with the use of his luminaires for Santa & Cole and shapes an exhibition experience that enhances the lyricism of the works. The designer suggests a journey through the gallery using a play of light provided by the recently introduced Bijou (designed by Arola himself and published by Santa & Cole). Antoni Arola completes this sensorial experience with pieces from musician and composer Josep M. Mestres Quadreny (Manresa, 1929-2021), with whom Brossa maintained a great friendship and whose work serves as a sonorous version of his poetry.

Brossa, poet and magician: Arola emphasises these dimensions of the artist through a scenography that invites the spectator to explore and define their own interpretation.


Photography by Claudia Mauriño

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