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Marcos Isamat. Sencillamente dibujo

May 30, 2024 September 27, 2024

Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona


Galería Santa & Cole Barcelona presents “Marcos Isamat. Sencillamente dibujo”, the first exhibition to be held simultaneously in two of our galleries.

The exhibition features the work of Marcos Isamat (Barcelona, 1965), whose pencil-based creations transcend the simple technique to become a meeting place between nature and abstraction.

The exhibition features twenty-seven new works by the artist, including both original pieces and Neoseries, Santa & Cole’s art editions, which allow for the exhibition’s ubiquity. Each displayed painting highlights the artist’s ongoing quest to capture the essence of ordinary, everyday images. From afar, sea tides, branches, leaves and groves of trees become geometric patterns and textures that configure the scenery of the exhibition space.


With his extraordinary drawing skills, Isamat vindicates the creative power of graphite in an overly-coloured world. The exhibition aims to emphasise this meticulous and genuine technical mastery, characterised by the use of pencils ranging from the densest, such as 6B, to the most precise, such as 4H, which combined create a play of light and shadow on paper.

Marcos Isamat’s work and this exhibition are both an invitation to unpretentious contemplation, an opportunity to rediscover the world around us through something apparently simple, yet profoundly complex and full of nuances, that can emerge from a single pencil.


Photography Claudia Mauriño

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