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New Santa & Cole Catalogue

9 de September 2019

Our catalogue covers a collection of objects with a range of origins and uses, created after a reflection on darkness, the time we spend without sunlight. Objects characterised by comfort rather than impact, able to engage with space whether at home or in shared environments.

In this catalogue you will find good design objects enhanced by industrial craftsmanship. Some of them have been with us for a long time, others are new arrivals. There are re-editions, such as the Tatu lamp, a 1970s pop icon by André Ricard, and additions to existing families such as the smaller version of the FAD lamp by Miguel Milá or the new colours in our HeadLed collection.

We also introduce two new systems: Lámina by Antoni Arola, which exploits the virtues of reflected light with simple, clean lines in varying shades and sizes; and, in partnership with new authors, the Tekiò system by Anthony Dickens, winner of the 2018 Golden Delta ADI-FAD award for the best interior lighting product. These two systems strike a perfect balance between poetry and reason and are suitable for large areas.

Today, 35 years later, the outlook adopted by Santa & Cole is shared by more people than ever and in the four corners of the globe. We still feel proud of our industrial craftsmanship production, mainly close to our headquarters in Belloch (Barcelona). The world needs wellbeing and comfort, honest objects, locally sourced products with a calling for timelessness. This is the message our products seek to convey and it is incumbent upon us to reach this goal.


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1 de November

Red Dot 2013

For the second year running, a new Santa & Cole product has been awarded a Red Dot Design Award (in 2012 it was given to the now renowned BlancoWhitecollection). According to the international jury of this prestigious accolade: “The Head convinces with its well considered, innovative design which unites the LED light source with the […]


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A theatrical experience at NYFW

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