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Equipo Santa & Cole

Comprising the people who work in Santa & Cole s technical department, led by the editors, the Santa & Cole Team s signature is featured in all our own designs. Some examples are the Trípode G5 lamp (1997), the HeadLed system (2013), the Arne streetlamp (2013) and its indoors version the Arne Domus (2015), the Sisisí system (1994) and the Básica lamp (1984), to name a few.

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| 1997
Floor lamps

Trípode humanises neutral spaces with its colourful and functional sobriety. Each one of its shade options is hand ribboned: the natural, red-amber and black; the Raw Color tile, green and mustard, as well as the Diplomática and Bretona stiped shades by Júlia Esqué. Switched on, it provides a characteristic, warm light, rich in nuances. Switched off, it is a small volumetric sculpture that invites immediate use.

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Dimension plane



Black metal structure.
Natural, red-amber, black, Diplomática striped or Bretona striped ribbon lampshade, or tile, mustard or green Raw Color ribbon.

Light sources

Recommended dimmable light source (not included)
11 W
C.E.E. D.

Other light sources: Max. 100 W
Input voltage: 100, 120, 230 Vac.
( 50 Hz / 60 Hz ) According to destination
Lamp holder: E26 (Max. height 160 mm / 6.3″ )

Available modifications

Flame retardant ribbon.
Upper diffuser.
Other ribbon finishes.
We offer the possibility of adapting our products to the requirements of your contract project, modifying them to your needs. All customisations shall be studied upon request respecting the minimum quantity required. Contact us for customisations inqueries.

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