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M64 Color

Miguel Milá

M64 Color

Miguel Milá


Miguel Milá

Miguel Milá, an interior designer, inventor and bricoleur, and a pioneer in his field in Spain, began working in the 1950s. With objects, resources and raw materials hard to come by at that time, Milá started designing his own furniture and lamps and soon set up his own company, Tramo (from the Spanish Tra-bajos Mo-lestos, ‘Annoying Jobs’). Many of his pieces have become true contemporary classics. In 2016, the Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture in Spain awarded him the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts. He has won numerous ADI awards (Barcelona), the first Spanish National Design Award (tied with André Ricard), and the ADI Compasso d’Oro for Lifetime Achievements.

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| 1964
Pendant lamps

Awarded with the Gold Delta in 1964, this lamp designed by Miguel Milá signaled the start of the recognition of Spanish design as a professional discipline. On the occasion of the fiftieth anniversary of this milestone, Santa & Cole reintroduced it into its catalogue and adapted it for the HeadLED System (Delta de Oro, 2013), providing it with the best light efficiency and quality.
In 2023, Santa & Cole commissioned Barcelona-based colourist and artist Claudia Valsells for a chromatic study of this lamp. The collaboration concludes in a combination of eight colors: English green, reddish orange, ultramarine blue, cream yellow and stone gray, along with the classics pure red, off-white and deep black. This palette reveals a new visual and emotional perception of the M64 and scheme keeps demonstrating the timelessness of Miguel Milá’s designs.

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Dimension plane



Capsule with LED module, translucent diffuser and heat sink with black matte finish.
8 aluminum lampshade options (glossy exterior / matte white interior): english green, off white, reddish orange, ultramarine blue, cream yellow, pure red, soft stone, deep black.
5 metal circular canopy options with power supply incorporated:
Not adjustable: white recessed (CE Market) or white or black surface-mounted canopy with matte finish.
Suitable: white or black surface-mounted canopy with matte finish and power supply incorporated.

Suitable for dimming 1-10V. (Not included external dimmer switch 1-10V).
Suitable for Junction Box (UL market).
Weight: 1 kg / 2.2 lib

Light sources

Light source included
3,7 W
350 mA

3,7 W

3,7 W

Input voltage: 108 ~ 264 Vac.
( 50 Hz / 60 Hz ) According to destination

Available modifications

Other colour finishes.
We offer the possibility of adapting our products to the requirements of your contract project, modifying them to your needs. All customisations shall be studied upon request respecting the minimum quantity required. Contact us for customisations inqueries.

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