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André Ricard, un silencioso combate

Norberto Chaves

André Ricard, un silencioso combate

Norberto Chaves


Norberto Chaves

Norberto Chaves (Buenos Aires 1942). Former lecturer and head of the Pedagogical Department of the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning of the University of Buenos Aires. Based in Barcelona since 1977.

A consultant in identity and corporate communication, a teacher and essayist on issues of design, image and communication. The author of "La Imagen Corporativa" and "El oficio de diseñar" (Gustavo Gili. Barcelona). Joint author of "La gestión del diseño" (IMPI. Madrid) and "La marca corporativa" (Paidos. Buenos Aires).

Participated in the books by several authors "Diseño y Comunicación" (Paidos. Buenos Aires) and "Arte ¿? Diseño" (Gustavo Gili. Barcelona).

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| 2010
Fertile Eyes

This book is the intellectual biography of a pioneer who has stood out in all the aspects in which the discipline of design is expressed: the production of industrial objects, the generation of theory and critique, and institutional construction. In all of them, he has fought a continuous battle which has converted him into one of the most influential authors in the broad fabric of Spanish design, and he has done so from silence.
Norberto Chaves chooses to focus on André Ricard’s theoretical reflection, on being the least well-known and appreciated, but fundamental to understand his ethics of the role of design in society. Thus, through a careful rereading of his texts and long conversations with Ricard himself and with important figures who have dealt with him closely (such as Yves Zimmermann, Oriol Bohigas and Xavier Rubert de Ventós), gradually reveals the complexity of his writings on design and his validity beyond the fluctuations of fashion.


ISBN: 978-84-934626-8-0
norberto-chaves – 2010
Paperback, 23.5 x 16 cm / 9.165″ x 6.24″
156 pp

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