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Dressing the light

Our ribbon shades, a process of
industrial craftmanship

At Santa & Cole we champion craftsmanship as a fundamental vehicle in the manufacture of our products. We strive for an efficient manufacturing process with as little residual impact as possible, and are proud of the level of craftsmanship that goes into each product. It is these unparalleled finishing touches that gives each piece in the collection a unique personality.

Santa & Cole have been working with cotton lampshades since 1994. Skillful hands are in charge of shaping, turn by turn, each lampshade.

When turned on, the ribboned structure breaks the uniformity and filters a light rich in nuances. When switched off, it is a presence that dignifies spaces.

Desde nuestra fundación, las pantallas encintadas visten la luz de muchos de nuestros productos. Cuatro mil metros de cinta se convierten diariamente en pantallas de nuestro catálogo, entre ellas Trípode, Dórica y Moragas.

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