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Josep Torres Clavé


Josep Torres Clavé


Josep Torres Clavé

An architect, designer, town planner and revolutionary, Josep Torres Clavé was one of the most outstanding figures of the Spanish artistic avant-garde of the ’30s. He introduced the Modern Movement in Spain and was the author of iconic works of Modernism. In 1929, he became a founding member of the GATCPAC (Group of Catalan Architects and Technicians for the Progress of Contemporary Architecture) in Catalonia, which would lead to the constitution of the Spanish GATEPAC. More than 60 years after his passing, several of his designs continue to be produced.

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| 1931
Floor lamps

The GATCPAC lamp is a tribute to the group of Catalan architects of the same name who sought to modernise the approach to construction during their era. Conceived as a machine à illuminer, members of the group used to leave these lamps as a gift to their customers, symbolic of their modern outlook, by way of a collective signature.

Dimension plane



Polished aluminium structure with orientable lampshade.

Light sources

Recommended dimmable light source (not included)
11 W
C.E.E. D.

Other light sources: Max. 150 W
Lamp holder: E26 (Max. height 160 mm / 6.3″ )

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